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Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Gas Safety Regulations

Obtaining and maintaining your annual gas safety certificate is a legal requirement under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. All UK landlords are under a statutory duty to maintain any relevant gas fitting, or any flue which serves any relevant gas fitting, in a working and safe condition. This includes items such as gas fires, gas cookers, central heating and water heaters. To obtain your gas safety certificate in Bristol, you’ll need to a certified Gas Safe Engineer to carry out an inspection and issue you with your safety certificate.

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As a landlord it’s your responsibility to ensure your clients are safe and any gas fittings are maintained in a safe condition. This includes any gas installations and new or existing appliances. To keep your landlord gas safety certificate up to date, you’ll need to book a regular service, keep all records of servicing and safety checks. You should:

  • Have a safety check carried out on all gas appliances at least annually. Gas safety certificates are valid for 12 months or until the tenancy changes hands.
  • Keep a record of each gas safety check for 2 years.
  • Give a copy of the Gas Safe registered engineer’s safety check report to each current tenant, within 28 days of the safety check, or to new tenants before occupation.
  • Ensure the gas meter and cut-off valve are easily accessible to the tenants and ensure they know how to turn off the gas supply if they suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak.
  • Advise your tenants not to use any gas appliance they think is unsafe.

At Bristol Unigas, our Gas Safe registered Engineers are fully qualified to carry out inspections and issue gas safety certificates. If you have an appliance such as a gas fire that requires repairs or servicing, this work can usually be carried out during the same visit at a reduced cost.

Electrical PAT testing

Anyone who lets residential accommodation (such as houses, flats and bedsits, holiday homes, caravans and boats) as a business activity is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 requires that all mains electrical equipment (cookers, washing machines, kettles, etc), new or second-hand, supplied with the accommodation must be safe. Landlords therefore need to regularly maintain the electrical equipment they supply to ensure it is safe.

The supply of goods occurs at the time of the tenancy contract. It is, therefore, essential that property is checked prior to the tenancy to ensure that all goods supplied are in a safe condition. A record should be made of the goods supplied as part of the tenancy agreement and of checks made on those goods. The record should indicate who carried out the checks and when they did it.

It is strongly advisable to have the equipment checked before the start of each let. It would be good practice to have the equipment checked at regular intervals thereafter. You should obtain and retain test reports detailing the equipment, the tests carried out and the results.

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